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Crips And Bloods: Made In America


Two pieces of good news for those of us who have been willing to step on our mothers necks waiting for Stacy Peralta and Baron Davis’ “Crips And Bloods: Made In America.”  The film has been shortlisted for the the Best Documentary Oscar (no surprise considering the critical reception for the doc thus far) and will finally be getting a proper theatrical release.  Fans can catch the movie at the IFC Theatre in New York starting this Friday, January 23 before it heads west to L.A. for a run at the Laemmle Sunset 5 on February 6.

Check the trailer below and peep the flier with extra info on upcoming screenings after the jump. 

***Update*** NYT has a collection of clips and the original trailer with “Good Vibrations” playing in the background here.

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Made In America Trailer

Baron Davis is really the best.  I mean, between the beard, hipster glasses, his enormous knee brace, and one of the greatest dunks of all time, how could you not cheer for the guy?  The only way we could love him more is if he grew a jheri curl and started rocking James Worthy goggles during games.  Now he’s teamed up with legendary skater turned filmmaker, Stacy Peralta, to produce his first film, “Made In America.”

The documentary takes a deep look at gang life and culture in L.A. and sheds light on the history and untold stories behind the Crips and Bloods.  It just premiered at the L.A. Film Festival and if the trailer is any indication, should be gripping.

* * * Update: And speaking of MADE IN AMERICA, Mr. Davis has decided to opt out of his contract and join the NBA’s free agent market.  Does this mean the end of Golden State’s run as the craziest/funnest team in the league? * * *

* * * Update to the update: ESPN is reporting that Baron Davis has signed with the Clippers?????  Welcome home, Baron. * * *

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