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The Kidz In The Hall, “The In Crowd,” MP3

The Kidz with a ‘Z’ and their second album, The In Crowd, are currently playing on repeat in our car and iTunes and show no signs of being bumped from the rotation any time soon. Have to admit, I wasn’t sold at first, but the record does a better job updating the classic Tribe Called Quest or Pharcyde vibe than Lupe or The Cool Kids (not to take anything away from those artists). This record feels like it stepped straight out of ’93 with it’s upright-bass lines and Pete-Rock-sax samples. It’s a delight.

Current single, “Drivin’ Down the Block,” is fantastic but really sounds nothing like the rest of the album. This isn’t a knock, but it’s definitely the most “radio friendly” (whatever that means anymore) of the songs on The In Crowd.

Catch tour dates and a couple bonus videos after the jump for “Let Your Hair Down” (by far one of the strongest songs on the album) and “Work To Do”

In the meantime, it’s hard not to love this song and video:

The Kidz In The Hall – Mr. Alladatshit

Kidz In The Hall Myspace

Kidz In The Hall on eMusic

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MP3 Party For Those Not At Coachella

We thought we’d offer you a selection of songs from some of the artists we wish we were seeing this weekend.  So sit back, relax and enjoy the fact that you’re not in sweaty, smelly, 120-degree-hipster heat.

Black Lips – O Katrina!

Shout Out Louds – December

Justice – D.A.N.C.E

The Cool Kids – Pump Up The Volume (Flosstradamus Remix)

The Raconteurs – Old Enough

The National – Apartment Story

MGMT – Time To Pretend

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A Tribe Called Quest Reunite

Well, it may not be The Replacements, but A Tribe Called Quest certainly seem to hold a similar place in the hearts of many music fans.  Billboard reports that the Phife, Q-Tip and Ali (what, no Jarobi?) will reunite for this summer’s Rock The Bells tour.  Nas, Mos Def, De La Soul, Rakim and the (also) reunited Pharcyde will join them on the bill as well.

Tour dates after the jump.  But first, enjoy this:

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A Prayer For The Replacements Reunion

Dear God, I try not to ask for material things when I pray.  I realize that there are much more important things that you need to take care of.  But sometimes, just sometimes I have to be selfish and ask for something for no other reason except that I want it.   This is one of those times.

So please, God, make this happen.  Also, please bless my mom, dad, sister, cat and dog.


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From Air Jordan to Air Kanye?

As many people have noticed, Kanye’s been sporting some insane looking Nikes on tour (see above). Speculation has been rampant about these things but it appears that in a collaboration with Nike, the man has been sporting a colored version of the all black ones he rocked at the Grammy’s. Needless to say, you probably can’t find the Air Yeezy’s (not making that up) at your local Foot Locker.

Kanye does his best Captain Eo impression after the jump or at Sneaker News:

*** Follow up: Finally put my finger on it! Don’t these remind you a little of Marty McFly’s kicks in Back to the Future 2? Compare after the jump ***

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Kanye West Previews Glow In The Dark Tour

From the visits to Jim Henson’s Creature Shop to the Murakami inspired eyes here, judging from his blog it would seem that Mr. West is really going to pull out all the stops for his forthcoming tour. Muppets? Fraggles? urSkeks? Only Kanye knows, but it seems safe to say that he plans on making this one of the most ridiculously theatrical tours yet, especially given that this is hip hop and, you know, not 70s prog rock.

Tour dates and a bonus video after the jump!

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New French Kicks Album, MP3

We’re a little down today.  I mean, I just assumed that when you started blogging you automatically got tickets to South By Southwest.  But here we are, alone in the blog house while everyone else is in Austin, stuck watching that one episode of “Mama’s Family” where they go to Hawaii.  Mercifully, one of the best and most underrated bands out there, French Kicks, have dropped this lush new track from their forthcoming album, Swimming, which will be available exclusively on iTunes starting April 1 and in physical form on May 20.  The name of the song, you ask?  It’s “Abandon.”  Fitting indeed.  Tour dates and MP3 via Stereogum.


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