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Nike Human Race + Kanye & Common

Would you run a 10k with little-to-no training for a chance to see Kanye and Common once you finished?  This was the proposition facing us when a friend duped convinced us into competing in Nike’s Human Race last weekend.  We’re proud to say that we finished (barely) with our lungs and legs in tact and our nipples not-as-chafed as we feared.

Check out all the photos from the event at our Flickr Stream or see some of the highlights below.


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Nike Basketball Blog

To our readers.  We’re sorry for the drop off in posts the last couple weeks.  Life’s a bitch with interrupted internet access.  However, one thing that has gone uninterupted is the Olympics, which got off to a rousing start early this morning (that was a rough segue, maybe we have been gone too long).

Nike, as usual, has gone above and beyond with their Team USA Basketball site.  The latest blog post features a searing rendition of a very sweaty, but still sexy, Marvin Gaye rocking the national anthem at the 1983 Black Superbowl spliced with footage of our current Dream Team.  If that doesn’t make you stand up and cheer U-S-A, then you’re made of stone.  Or Canadian.  Which is probably worse.

Enjoy it all here.

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“Just Do It” Turns 20

This is one of those classic Nike ads that makes you want to stand up and cheer.  Bravo to Wieden+Kennedy for another job well done and taking a step past the mini controversy that erupted over their new Hyperdunk ads.

Check out a higher-res version of the ad and a running tab of the featured athletes at Nike Courage

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Brandon Jennings: Innovator

As anyone who knows me can attest, I’m an Arizona basketball fan through and through.  If I’m Bill Simmons (which I’m most definitely NOT, just go with me here), then they’re my Celtics/Red Sox/Pats wrapped into one.  Allow me to get especially Simmonsy here.  <changes voice to that of a nasally pre-teen>  Ahem, there’s a picture of me as a nine year old, upper lip stained with fruit punch with the master himself, Lute Olson, at his summer camp.  I even won an award at that same camp for the all important skill of moving without the ball (clearly, they felt bad for me).  Yes, those were the days, when a final four came at least every 5 years and greats like Steve Kerr, Sean Elliott, Khalid Reeves, Damon Stoudamire, Miles Simon, Jason Terry, Jason Gardner, Gilbert Arenas etc. etc. etc. were coming through Tucson with regularity and winning was a given.

Read the rest of my confused/sad rant after the jump!

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A-Trak, “Say Whoa” MP3

A while back we told you about the Nike-commissioned mix from A-Trak as part of their Original Run series.  Here’s the first single, for those of you looking to strap on your jogging shoes or just get the par-tay started.  Thanks to Mike for passing this along!

A-Trak – Say Whoa

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‘No Means No’ T By Bodega

Yes, the Boston fans were really chanting “NO MEANS NO!” every time Kobe caught the ball.  No, it did not refer to their sweltering defense.  Yikes.

Anyhoo, in celebration of banner number 17 (I’ll never get tired of hearing that), the guys over at Bodega created this limited-edition t-shirt.

Bodega website

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Ask Adam Yauch Anything On Current TV

Adam Yauch/MCA/Nathaniel Hornblower/Cochise is currently promoting his streetball documentary, “Gunnin’ For That Number 1 Spot” and will be stopping by Current TV’s L.A. studios to answer any and all viewer questions.  Ask him anything.  A-na-thang-a.  Ask him what his favorite underwear is.  Ask him if he thinks Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams is as weird as it looks.  Ask him if those 1-800 singles lines are actually legit.  You know, basic, get-to-know-ya-kind-of-stuff.

This runs through Monday so don’t hesitate.  You can submit you questions here

Check out the Gunnin’ trailer here

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