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New Nike + LeBron Commercials


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FreeDarko Book Excerpt + Limited Edition Prints and Shirts

The guys at have gone and published a book.  Now the most cerebral basketball scholars on the Internet are bringing their thoughts on Gilbert Arenas, the daffy, oft-injured Arizona Wildcat, and other superstars like Kobe, Tim Duncan and Amare Stoudemire to the world.

In addition to the book itself, limited edition prints (Amare Stoudemire above, Kobe below) and t-shirts of the phenomenal illustrations have been made available for purchase here.

You can read the excerpted chapter on Gilbert Arenas and others here and, if we may say so ourselves, their take on Agent Zero is a doozy.  Bringing the gusto and intellectual verve the site is known for, it’s one of the best reads you’ll get in a while.  Oh and did we mention they have a theme song?  Damn.

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Nike + “The LeBrons” Zoom VI Pack

If I told you that LeBron James was action-figure huge you might agree with me in one of those “that’s a cute way of saying it” kind of ways, but you wouldn’t really be understanding my point.  If all I wanted to do was make you agree that he was a world-wide brand in the making then I could just point you to the feature on him in Esquire’s 75th anniversary issue. But when we tell you that LeBron James is action-figure huge we mean it quite literally.  We don’t remember Michael ever getting toys of him released to celebrate his new shoes dropping.  We’re just saying.

Modeled after “Athlete LeBron,” “Business LeBron,” “Kid LeBron” and “Wise LeBron” the figurines are available at Zoom VI release parties throughout the country this weekend.  Party dates and locations after the jump.

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Nike Basketball Blog

To our readers.  We’re sorry for the drop off in posts the last couple weeks.  Life’s a bitch with interrupted internet access.  However, one thing that has gone uninterupted is the Olympics, which got off to a rousing start early this morning (that was a rough segue, maybe we have been gone too long).

Nike, as usual, has gone above and beyond with their Team USA Basketball site.  The latest blog post features a searing rendition of a very sweaty, but still sexy, Marvin Gaye rocking the national anthem at the 1983 Black Superbowl spliced with footage of our current Dream Team.  If that doesn’t make you stand up and cheer U-S-A, then you’re made of stone.  Or Canadian.  Which is probably worse.

Enjoy it all here.

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Made In America Trailer

Baron Davis is really the best.  I mean, between the beard, hipster glasses, his enormous knee brace, and one of the greatest dunks of all time, how could you not cheer for the guy?  The only way we could love him more is if he grew a jheri curl and started rocking James Worthy goggles during games.  Now he’s teamed up with legendary skater turned filmmaker, Stacy Peralta, to produce his first film, “Made In America.”

The documentary takes a deep look at gang life and culture in L.A. and sheds light on the history and untold stories behind the Crips and Bloods.  It just premiered at the L.A. Film Festival and if the trailer is any indication, should be gripping.

* * * Update: And speaking of MADE IN AMERICA, Mr. Davis has decided to opt out of his contract and join the NBA’s free agent market.  Does this mean the end of Golden State’s run as the craziest/funnest team in the league? * * *

* * * Update to the update: ESPN is reporting that Baron Davis has signed with the Clippers?????  Welcome home, Baron. * * *

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Celtics Top 10 Plays of the Season

Thanks to Perkisabeast for sharing.

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This probably seemed like a good idea at the time…

Before the NBA ad team had to spend an hour squeezing Bird and Magic back into their jerseys, but dammit, it was worth it.  Also, does anyone else think that Larry Bird now looks like an actual bird?  Discuss.

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