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Synecdoche New York Trailer

Yet another mind fudge from the mad Charlie Kaufman.  The screenwriter behind “Being John Malkovich,” “Adaptation” and “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” now steps behind the camera for his directorial debut with “Synecdoche, New York.”  The film looks every bit as dizzying and ambitious as the play Philip Seymour Hoffman’s character attempts to mount.  Also starring Michelle Williams, Samantha Morton and hot-grandma Catherine Keener the film is slated for limited-release starting October 24.


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Voy a Explotar Trailer

If Rushmore met Badlands and those two movies happened to fuck. This would be the offspring.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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The Wrestler + Mickey Rourke

Okay, I’m officially putting this on the top of my must-see list for the fall, or at the very least, the top of my movies-I-didn’t-get-around-to-seeing-but-I’m-going-to-read-about-a-lot-and-pretend-I-saw list.  The blogosphere is officially buzzing about “The Wrestler” which just got picked up for distribution by Fox Searchlight after winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and packing the house at the Toronto International Film Festival.  People are already calling it the next “Juno” (spoiler alert: Mickey Rourke gets super preggers in this movie).

From the brief clips in this AP story, Mickey Rourke looks to be sensational as a has-been wrestler trying to pick up the pieces of his drug-addled, dead-beat-dad life and come to terms with an uncertain future.  He’s already causing Oscar talk and we can see why. No word yet on an exact release date but December is looking likely.  Oh, also, Marisa Tomei plays a stripper and gets naked!  Finally, redemption for that Philip Seymour Hoffman sex scene in “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”


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Own Marty McFly’s Hover Board

Oh. My. God.

My 8-year-old self is begging me to hock all of my possessions to put up a $30,000 bid.  I hate to let him down like this.  Sorry, 8-year-old self, but even if you did sell everything, you’d a) probably not have $30,000 and b) have to start a new life as a hover-board street performer.  Doing tricks, er, illusions for passers by and begging for nickels and dimes.  You don’t want that life.  On the other hand, that IS a hover board and the thought of owning one is enough to at least make me consider starting a life as a street performer in Venice.  I think that tells you all you need to know about how awesome it is.

Place your bid here

Thanks to SlamxHype for the tip

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Adidas Celebrates Originality

We’re all about the short films lately.  Actually, let me rephrase that.  We’re not so much about short films as much as I can’t in good conscience ignore any project that involves a skateboarding Chewbacca.  As part of Adidas’ Celebrate Originality campaign, renaissance man Michael Sieben stars in this heartwarming tale of a boy (Sieben) who’s imagination brings a colorful cast of characters to life and carries him away on a magical, Lord-of-the-rings-like journey through San Francisco.  Also, sneakers are involved.

Check out the film and mini-site here.

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T Magazine + Short Films

Being a real journalist must be weeeeeird.  If you’re Lynn Hirschberg you get to ask famous people all sorts of questions that would probably get a humble blogger like yours truly — or anyone else — punched in the babymaker.  Ever wonder if James Franco is going to have a bar mitzvah in his thirties?  Perhaps you’d like to hear Rogen’s thoughts on why men bother to put on jeans and brush their teeth?  T Magazine, the design and style book from the New York Times, has released a series of short films and interviews with the likes of the aforementioned Pineapple Express stars along with Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks and George Clooney among others.

Check them out here.

*** You may be asking yourself why there wasn’t a carefully framed, tasteful, thoughtful picture to go along with this post and why you’re staring at the blank, boring, text heavy thing in front of you.  Well, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties right now, so please bear with us ***

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Spike Lee: L.A. Riots

According to the L.A. Times, Spike Lee and his “Inside Man” producer, Brian Grazer, are set to move forward with their long-gestating project, “L.A. Riots.”  Terry George, the creative force behind revolutionary-themed works like “In the Name of the Father” and “Hotel Rwanda” is on board to deliver a final script and pave the way for production to begin before 2008 expires.

Don’t get us wrong, this movie sounds great and we’re excited to see Lee get back to his gritty bread and butter, but dammit, we’re probably more excited about those Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant documentaries he’s got in the can.  Glad to see that Spike is actually making movies we can get excited about again (although I have to say, “The 25th Hour,” is waaaaaay underrated and it has the most NSFW monologue ever, definitely Netflix it if you haven’t seen it yet).

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