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Nike Human Race + Kanye & Common

Would you run a 10k with little-to-no training for a chance to see Kanye and Common once you finished?  This was the proposition facing us when a friend duped convinced us into competing in Nike’s Human Race last weekend.  We’re proud to say that we finished (barely) with our lungs and legs in tact and our nipples not-as-chafed as we feared.

Check out all the photos from the event at our Flickr Stream or see some of the highlights below.


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Great Lost Bands: The Nerves

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!  The Nerves were an L.A. band and only together for about 5 minutes in the late 70s before splitting up.  They only managed to release a single EP in that time, but what an impact those four songs had (one of them being “Hanging On The Telephone,” later covered by a some group called Blondie). Two of the band members later went on to form The Plimsouls (thanks Wikipedia!) and pen the 80s classic “A Million Miles Away.”

The greatest mp3 site in the world for rare and vintage punk, KBD, has the entire EP up for download right now and we recommend you grab it and do yourself a favor for the long weekend.  Definitely recommended for fans of The Beatles, The Strokes, The Muslims and many others.

The Nerves – Hanging On The Telephone

The Nerves – When You Find Out

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Branded Bunny + It’s Hell Not Having A Hero

Branded Bunny is an up and coming photographer and street artist with his first solo show opening in L.A. on August 2nd.  His subject matter depicts a world devoid of meaning and he describes the images in his first show as an exploration of “urban alienation, search for meaning, vandal culture, and fuck-it-all partying.”  If that doesn’t scream L.A. then I don’t know what does.

Branded will also be creating a mural in honor of the show so be sure to keep an eye out for that.  Get full info on the exhibition here and be sure to check it out if you can.

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Andy Warhol Visits L.A.

If you happen to be in L.A. this week you’ve probably heard about the Andy Warhol show that’s coming to The Michael Kohn Gallery.  Highlighting his photography work over the last ten years of his life, these pictures have never been exhibited on the West Coast.

Show runs from July 10 – August 22, learn more here.


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Made In America Trailer

Baron Davis is really the best.  I mean, between the beard, hipster glasses, his enormous knee brace, and one of the greatest dunks of all time, how could you not cheer for the guy?  The only way we could love him more is if he grew a jheri curl and started rocking James Worthy goggles during games.  Now he’s teamed up with legendary skater turned filmmaker, Stacy Peralta, to produce his first film, “Made In America.”

The documentary takes a deep look at gang life and culture in L.A. and sheds light on the history and untold stories behind the Crips and Bloods.  It just premiered at the L.A. Film Festival and if the trailer is any indication, should be gripping.

* * * Update: And speaking of MADE IN AMERICA, Mr. Davis has decided to opt out of his contract and join the NBA’s free agent market.  Does this mean the end of Golden State’s run as the craziest/funnest team in the league? * * *

* * * Update to the update: ESPN is reporting that Baron Davis has signed with the Clippers?????  Welcome home, Baron. * * *

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Mr. Brainwash, “Life Is Beautiful” Exhibition in L.A.

There are only a few cool things about living in L.A.:

  1. Getting to consistently gripe about a city that’s probably one of the 3-4 best in the world in nearly every respect
  2. The vibrant street art that consistently pops up around you
  3. The taco trucks

This post is about number 2.  No, not that kind of number 2 (that would be gross) — although I guess if you don’t like what you’re about to read it might seem that way, and number 3 can certainly lead to number 2.  No matter.

Anyways, Mr. Brainwash is a street artist extraoirdinaire and if you’ve driven around L.A. then you’ve surely run into some of his work.  Like this or this.  He’ll be hosting his first exhibition beginning this Wednesday and running throughout the week.  Info is below or check the official website for more info and be sure to bring your camera.



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New Tees @ Tradition

Like Johnny Drama, we rarely venture over the hill and into the post-apocalyptic hellscape known as “the valley.”  HOWEVER, on those infrequent occasions we’re always sure to stop by Tradition for the latest streetwear and tees.  Recently the guys over there got some new shirts, by the likes of Rogue Status, Crooks & Castles and Grn Apple Tree.

Check out the goods at their online shop as we don’t recommend going to the valley unless you have at least a 3 day supply of water and emergency flares.  Kidding.  Sort of.

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