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New Kanye West Video + Paranoid

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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Nike Human Race + Kanye & Common

Would you run a 10k with little-to-no training for a chance to see Kanye and Common once you finished?  This was the proposition facing us when a friend duped convinced us into competing in Nike’s Human Race last weekend.  We’re proud to say that we finished (barely) with our lungs and legs in tact and our nipples not-as-chafed as we feared.

Check out all the photos from the event at our Flickr Stream or see some of the highlights below.

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We know, we know

Our obsession with Kanye is borderline creepy.  If Kanye sneezed we would write about that too.  Check out the latest video from the still-going-strong Graduation.  By my count this makes it the 19th single and 40th video from that record.

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Jay-Z + Kanye, “Jockin’ Jay-Z” Video & MP3

This is a nasty new beat from Kanye. No word on when The Blueprint 3 drops.

Vodpod videos no longer available.




Jay-Z – Jockin’ Jay-Z

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The Commotion Repertory Players Present: Kanye West & Justice, A Play In 3 Sentences

From Kanye’s blog:

Just like Daft Punk did for Louis Vuitton last year, Justice made a mix for the Dior Homme Spring/Summer ‘09 fashion show in Paris.

Allow us if you will to perform a dramatic re-enactment of the scene above.  Cue French accordion music…

Justice Dude 1: [adjusting his beret and taking slow drag from his cigarette]  Eeello Kanye.  Welkem to ewr hewwm on tep of zee Eiffel Tewell.  We medd ziz mix feur Klisteean Diewwww.  Wewd yew like to leesen?

Kanye:  Word?

Justice Dude 2: Sacre bleu!?! Yew mean I medd ziz mix feur Klistieean Diewwww???  Yew deedn’t dew anysing but snewt kewcaine and hev zex wiz ze modelz!!! [takes a large bite from a crepe]

Justice Dude 1: He’s ektuelly rett abewt zat.

Aaaaaaaaand scene!  (bowing)

Check out the actual Dior/Justice mix at Kanye’s blog.

And check out the inspiration for our bad French accents here and here

Picture via Vice

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Kanye West + Absolut Infomercial

We usually try to avoid viral videos (they start to smell of age as soon as you post them), but it’s a slow news day.  I’m curious to know just what these marketers were thinking.  How does this make me want to drink Absolut????


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Air Yeezy’s Pop Up Yet Again

Alright, this pic has been out for a few days now but what the hell, here you go if you haven’t caught it yet.  Here’s what we know about the Air Yeezy:  uber exclusive, may not ever get a release, aaaaand that’s about it.  Come on people, what will it take to get a Wikipedia page started on these things!  Consider this your call to action!  Yes we can!

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