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Nike + Hyperizers

Okay, apparently it’s just a Nike basketball day here.  This commercial is GLORIOUS.


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LeBron VII

These might be the best LeBron’s yet.  Incredible.

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NBA All-Star Weekend’s Best Dressed


Although, not taken from the All-Star weekend festivities, the photo above proves a point about the NBA today and where players are taking their fashion cues.  For the sake of argument, if we were playing word association and I happened to drop “NBA,” “Phoenix” and “Fashion” into the mix, I’m pretty sure images of 7-button, lime green suits, jorts and sweatsuits would spring to mind.  Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, the NBA has grown up a bit, due in no small part to the collision of several factors like the league-mandated dress code that went into effect three seasons ago and a more enterprising, boardroom-ready set of superstars emerging (see James, LeBron and Paul, Chris) as the dominant faces of the game.  Additionally, NBA players traditionally take their sartorial inspiration from hip hop stars and a trickle down effect seems to be underway.  With guys like Kanye West, who now calls fashion week his second home, and Jay-Z rocking Buddy Holly shades at a Knicks game, the norm has swung from the gaudy bling bling days of the early 2000s to a more refined, dapper NBA player.  Yes, dapper NBA players.  Somewhere cats and dogs are living together.

And now, partially inspired by Ric Bucher’s piece in ESPN the Mag, we’ve compiled a quick list of the 5 best dressed players at NBA All-Star Weekend.  Why only five?  Well, it’s still the NBA after all.  SO without any further ado…

5. Amar’e Stoudemire – Not only did he make his name more stylish by adding the accent mark/apostrophe this year (seriously, it’s not on any of his rookie cards or anything), it would appear that he decided to channel the energy usually reserved for playing defense into buying jeans and a hoodie that actually fit like they’re supposed to.  We applaud the effort.


Top four after the jump:

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The 8 Best Things of 2008


2008 was a pretty awful year all around.  Economic distress, blah blah blah.  However, there were a few things worth cheering and we thought we’d recount them here in our inaugural list of the best things of 2008.  You’ll note that there’s not a lot connecting the items on this list other than the fact that A) They happened in 2008 and B) They’re quality.  We’re sure we’ve overlooked some of the people and work that made 2008 stand out so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section!


8. Milk – Sean Penn never struck us as the type of actor who could do restraint.  He seemed to embody everything bad about Hollywood overacting — don’t get us wrong, he’s great — but when it came to yelling and shouting we thought he was a bit of a one-trick pony.  We were wrong.  The thing that people keep overlooking about this movie is how funny it is.  I mean, who else expected James Franco to drop the line “I peed in the pool” into a movie not titled Pineapple Express?


7. Bill Murray, 58-year-old party boy – Okay, a recently divorced actor starts carousing around New York, bar-hopping and making cameo appearances at Halloween keggers for the 20-something set.  After taking a few minutes to display his dance moves in the living room the courteous guest helps clean up before vanishing into the night.  The story is weird and a little sad, like a Wes Anderson screenplay waiting to be written for the man whose career he helped introduce to the same crowds whose parties he now frequents.  I love the idea of Bill Murray showing up at my place randomly but I’m a little worried for the guy at the same time.  Let’s hope this is all part of some kind of preparation for a movie or at least a cameo on 30 Rock.

alwayssunny6. The Nightman Cometh – If you say “Boy’s Soul” enough, pretty soon it starts to sound like “Boy’s Hole.” If you think that’s funny, then you’ll love the breakout episode of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and it’s “classy” rape scene.  Watch it at Hulu.


5. Bottle Rocket Criterion Edition – Before Wes Anderson learned how to stick his head up his own butt (he must have studied Yoga while filming The Darjeeling Limited in India), there was Bottle Rocket.  His scrappy debut with the Wilson brothers, Bottle Rocket hit all the right notes of whimsy and melancholy that made his early career so revered and later became his trademarks in films like Rushmore and The Royal Tenenbaums.  The Criterion folks have repackaged the previously-bare-bones DVD with extensive notes on the film’s creation, a making-of documentary and the original short that inspired the full-length version of the film.  It almost makes you forget about that stupid animatronic tiger at the end of The Darjeeling Limited.


4. Air Yeezy’s – They haunt us.  But word is they’re finally, finally coming out this March so hopefully the long distance relaysh we’ve been having with them will come to an end then.

Top three after the jump.

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New Nike + LeBron Commercials

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FreeDarko Book Excerpt + Limited Edition Prints and Shirts

The guys at have gone and published a book.  Now the most cerebral basketball scholars on the Internet are bringing their thoughts on Gilbert Arenas, the daffy, oft-injured Arizona Wildcat, and other superstars like Kobe, Tim Duncan and Amare Stoudemire to the world.

In addition to the book itself, limited edition prints (Amare Stoudemire above, Kobe below) and t-shirts of the phenomenal illustrations have been made available for purchase here.

You can read the excerpted chapter on Gilbert Arenas and others here and, if we may say so ourselves, their take on Agent Zero is a doozy.  Bringing the gusto and intellectual verve the site is known for, it’s one of the best reads you’ll get in a while.  Oh and did we mention they have a theme song?  Damn.

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Nike Basketball Blog

To our readers.  We’re sorry for the drop off in posts the last couple weeks.  Life’s a bitch with interrupted internet access.  However, one thing that has gone uninterupted is the Olympics, which got off to a rousing start early this morning (that was a rough segue, maybe we have been gone too long).

Nike, as usual, has gone above and beyond with their Team USA Basketball site.  The latest blog post features a searing rendition of a very sweaty, but still sexy, Marvin Gaye rocking the national anthem at the 1983 Black Superbowl spliced with footage of our current Dream Team.  If that doesn’t make you stand up and cheer U-S-A, then you’re made of stone.  Or Canadian.  Which is probably worse.

Enjoy it all here.

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