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My BluBlockers


Coinciding with my own search for a black pair of these iconic shades in area 7-11s and Walgreens, it’s nice to see that BluBlocker is back and with a cool slate of colors to go along with their harmful-UV-Ray-blocking prowess.  But what do I have to do to get some black-framed ones?  Still, it’s nice to see them back and kicking.

Pick up the re-branded shades here

Also, Blublockers, please bring back the pitch man we all know and love


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New XLarge Shades


Perfect for Spring/Summer.   Love the anchor emblem on the side too.

Pick them up here.

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Wood Wood + Edsor Bowtie


Just when you thought that the lifetime achievements of Soren Kierkegaard, Morten Andersen and Aqua weren’t already enough to make Denmark the greatest country on God’s green earth, they go and do something like this.  Those industrious Danes over at Wood Wood have teamed up with a rogue group of Germans at Edsor to form an axis of well-groomed and efficient evil.  Alas the Danish shadow that threatens to engulf us all now has a bowtie.  God help us [cue Michael Bay explosions].

Anyway, in another diabolical move, the bowtie is only available at the Wood Wood flagship stores in Copenhagen and Berlin so those of us out here in the rest of the world better get used to staring at that picture, because it ain’t happening here.  Damn you Danes to hell!!!!

Via Highsnobiety

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Sabre Poolside Shades



Buy them here.

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Selima for J.Crew Rivington Sunglasses

There’s something really not right about J. Crew selling $325 sunglasses.  Buuuuuut, these are pretty cool so we’ll let it slide.  The handmade shades are the result of a collaboration with French luxury eye wear company Selima Optique.  The Wayfarer revival continues!

Pick them up here.


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Tonite + CoLab Shades

These are nice.  Kind of like the kind Eazy E used to wear.  Since I’m way too tired to actually write something coherent and even remotely interesting, I’ll let Highsnobiety do it.

UK label Tonite worked with Australia’s CoLab on a series of overall 3 sunglasses, of which two have been released today. The two models come in black and feature trademark Tonite graphics that have been added to the frame.

Along with your sunglasses you also received a recycled cardboard tube with Tonite signature packing tape and color coded lid, an A2 Colab/Tonite Poster, a Calico string tie sunglass cover and a microfibre lens cleaning cloth designed by Tonite.

Thanks for the help guys, I needed it.

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SUPER Eyewear

We’ve got to admit that we’ve always wished we wore glasses.  See that Michael Caine pic on our masthead?  You think we chose that by accident?  Nope.  It was the glasses.  So distinguished and badass.  And this latest collection from SUPER is enough to make me curse my 20/20 vision.

More pictures over at Hypebeast.

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