We’re On Twitter and Facebook

We're totally NOT desperate!

We're totally NOT desperate!

Hey readers.  We try not to get too carried away with the whole social networking thing (yes, despite the fact that we’re a blog).  There are just too many out there right now.  Between MySpace (the betamax of social networks), Facebook (the VHS) and now Twitter (the Zack Morris phone) we’ve been less than eager to spread the word of Commotion via those avenues.  However, we’re relenting, as the title of this post indicates, and are starting to get into those Twitter and Facebook things (sorry MySpace).

For those of you who want to keep up with us in a new and exciting way (until the next new and exciting way comes along in 10 minutes), you can tweet along with us at twitter.com/commotionmag or click the Facebook badge on the right side of your screen.

Thank you and you’re welcome.


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