New Band Alert: Donora

Not gonna lie.  When you find yourself more than a little burnt out on blogging while simultaneously fighting some major computer issues you get a conspicuous absence from the internetz (or what some refer to as ditching loyal readers).  But today, an email arrived in the old inbox that not only tugged at our heartstrings but also inspired us to get back on track and jump start Commotion again.  Not to get mushy or anything but we don’t always hear a lot from our readers so it can be hard to know if the stuff you’re writing is actually being enjoyed by others.  This email, though, from our new friend Becca, made it all worth it:

Hey there!  My boyfriend loves your blog and is always like, “Baby look at these new sneakers!”  and “Baby check out this new video!”  Seriously.  He’s obsessed.

Anyway, I was wondering if you guys have heard the band Donora yet.  I heard about these guys from My Old Kentucky Blog and fell in love with the music.  My boyfriend fell in love with the lead singer after he saw their video.  I must admit that I have a bit of a girl crush on her to, so I thought you might want to check them/her out!

After listening to Donora we have to agree with that spot-on assesment of the music (okay, and the crushing on the singer part).  Part Tegan and Sara and part Jimmy Eat World (minus all the emo gook), Donora knows how to craft an infectious pop hook that will get stuck in your head in a good way.  Their self-titled album is available on iTunes now.  Check the MP3 below for another track that belongs on any start-of-summer mixtape.  And, Becca, thanks for the kind words, now please go brag to your boyfriend about the shoutout before we threaten you all with another burnout.

Donora – I Think I Like You

Donora MySpace


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