Local Natives Live At The Silverlake Lounge

As an upstanding, responsible journalist we decided to pack a pen, not one but two sheets of loose leaf, a digital camera and several giant gin and tonics for the Local Natives show on Monday night.  Did we jot down notes?  Of course.  Did we take pictures?  Of course.  Don’t believe me?  How about a picture of the notes?



You’ll have to forgive the serial-killer handwriting, what can we say?, there were gin and tonics involved and few suitable writing surfaces.  Also, if you look at the notes closely, I must have been distracted by the “surprisingly strong” level of girls there, which received a 7/10 on our indie/beer goggles scale.  Anyway, on to the show.


If you’ve listened to Local Natives before, you can pretty much imagine that they put on a bombastic live show.  Given their Fleet-Foxes-like harmonies and the sheer amount of percussion and other instrumentation in their songs it’s a given that their sound is much larger than the venues they play and Monday night was no exception.  Co-frontmen, Kelsey and Taylor keep the energy high while juggling keyboard, guitars, drums and vocal duties.  In addition, the band has recruited a violinist to fill out the lineup, bringing Local Natives up to a half-dozen members on stage and rounding out their sound nicely.


Making their way through a set list that included crowd-favorite “Airplanes,” as well a cover of Talking Heads’ “Warning Sign” the band kept the intimate crowd moving and singing the entire time (which, by typical seen-it-all L.A. crowd standards, is equal to Altamont level madness).  It’s clear that the band is coming into their own and building a formidable live show, we expect to see their profile raise quite a bit once they make their way through South By South West next month.  Well done guys, and special thanks to Taylor for hooking us up witha that drink ticket.

More pictures after the jump and on our Flickr page:





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