New Black Lips + Short Fuse


It rocks.  It rolls.  It’s the Black Lips.  Not sure which of the guys is singing on this track, but it sounds (ever-so-slightly) more polished than their usual fare, which is to say, it sounds not polished at all.  ANYHOO, enjoy the track from the forthcoming 200 Million Thousand.  Also, beware, there’s a nice greeting from Vice Records at the end of the track but such is the price we pay for the Internet ruining it for everyone.

Black Lips – Short Fuse



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5 responses to “New Black Lips + Short Fuse

  1. Steven

    haha heard about these guys mischief in india, bit rock n roll ay! the lads gunna have an amazing year i reckon, get the tour on –

  2. justin

    just saw the music vid that goes with ‘short fuse’ and its brilliantly done, check it out…

  3. Henry

    Yeah these guys are freakin nuts live, saw them last month…saw on their myspace theres only a 48hour period for fan only purchases of tickets for the forthcoming 200 million thousand uk tour.
    Here the link to the tickets –

  4. Mike

    If you really wanna see how nuts they are take a look at them in india on vbs site…

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