Air Jordan + A Tribe Called Quest


On first glance, Michael Jordan and A Tribe Called Quest don’t have much in common.  Jordan was a domineering, flashy, business-driven force of nature while Tribe always seemed content to play the background and rely upon attraction instead of promotion to draw fans to their brand of playful, wide-eyed rhymes.  While Jordan’s outsized personality couldn’t help but insert him front-row-center in the public’s consciousness as something completely new, Q-Tip, Phife and Ali worked with jazz samples and teenage wonder to foster a sense of familiarity and form an instant connection with fans. So, needless to say, putting Tribe imprints all over Jordan brand clothing is suspect at best (at least among those of us who grew up memorizing Tribe records).  At the height of the kids-getting-shot-in-the-subway-for-sneakers scare, Phife said it best, “I wear New Balance sneakers to avoid an arrow’s path.”

BUT, since the early 90s and golden era of hip hop serve as the inspirational fountain for 99% of streetwear designers nowadays, I guess even a tangential relationship is all it takes to align two icons with such opposing philosophies.  Anyway, I’ll get off my Internet soapbox and admit that these designs look lovingly made but, come on Nike — Jordan and Tribe?  That’s like nuts and gum.

See more pics after the jump.  If you don’t mind buying stuff from a website you probably can’t read, go here.

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One response to “Air Jordan + A Tribe Called Quest

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    I really liked the idea of a tribute to Jordan!
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