America – I stand before you today asking for your vote.  Now, I know that we’re going through what some have called a “crisis” or a “depression” or a “shitstorm that could only be worse if an actual shitstorm somehow formed due to never-before-seen weather phenomena and shit literally started falling from the sky.”  I also know that some might want to pander to you with promises of boring things like jobs and lower taxes and educa….zzzzzz……snore….. Sorry, dozed off there.  Probably because that stuff is SO BORING.  

But I have a solution to your problems: rocking out.  And best of all, if you click here and vote for us you can also help send Commotion to South By Southwest.  We’ve been asked to participate in a Battle of the Blogs that could not only send us to the greatest indie music gathering of the year but also get us an article about in BPM Magazine.  That’s right, your humble blogger will get to venture to Austin, listen to bands, drink beer, get sweaty eating barbecue AND get some fantastic P.R. at the same time.  I repeat — all you have to do is visit this site and click on the ‘vote’ button at the bottom of our playlist.  If you like, you can even stop and listen to the mix we made.  I find it delightful, if I do say so myself.  I’m asking for your vote, America.

You know what to do…



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