Vans V224 Holiday Pack

Dear Santa,

This is awkward… I know we haven’t talked in a while.  And I know that my Dad told me that he was you.  But I still believe.  Sure I’m 26.  But no one ever said faith was easy.  Gimme a second here to get my thoughts straight.

Look, I know that I’m a grown man and I probably shouldn’t be asking for presents anymore but if you bring me a pair of these then I promise I’ll stop taking your name in vain and I promise to stop hunting reindeer without a permit and using their precious pelts for toilet paper.  I just need to show these off to all the losers I went to high school with when I’m home for Christmas.  Yes, I know I should never use your generosity for personal gain but, have you seen these things!?!  Might I also add: Please?

Your number one buddy,



Via Highsnobiety



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2 responses to “Vans V224 Holiday Pack

  1. Kenji

    Yo, Jason Bourne when did you become the pitchfork 2.0 of music reviews? Your killers review was out of control.

  2. Hahaha, I’ll take that as a compliment.

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