Nike SB Dunk Big Gulps

Only after viewing the video below will you be adequately prepared to see pictures of these shoes:

We’re warning you.  Seriously, watch the video first, otherwise you won’t be able to appreciate the powers of these kicks.

We’ll give you one last chance:

That’s right, it’s the Big Gulp Dunks.  Modeled after the drink some refer to as 64 ounces of joy, these bad boys are ridiculous.  Drop some holiday cheer for yourself and pick them up at Hot Rod if you happen to be in L.A.  Otherwise you may be s.o.l.  We recommend watching the video a few more times to make yourself feel better.





Okay, one last time:



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3 responses to “Nike SB Dunk Big Gulps

  1. I like your blog. I’m new at WordPress (I write in both Dutch & Englis as Dutch is my native language) and just discovered your writings. Lucky me 🙂 Will come back!

  2. Kallipolis

    Big Gulps have been surpassed by KFC bucket o coke. Thats right it comes in a freaking bucket.

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