Surf City


If there’s one unwritten characteristic that I look for in my music it’s the number of “Woo!” “Hey!” “Yeah!” “Go!” etc. that get shouted out in excitement throughout a song.  I’m a sucker for enthusiasm, okay?  And if you say you don’t look for those things in your music too then you’re liable to get your clock cleaned in my neighborhood.  Which neighborhood is that you may ask?  Why, it’s Surf City of course.

Anyway, Surf City is not only an made-up neighborhood that serves as a convenient segue, it’s also the latest band to scratch that insatiable need for exclamation points in music.  Their 6 song EP, S/T, is currently wiping the floor with the other songs on our ‘Recently Added’ list.  Combining furious punk and garage hooks with vocals reminiscent of Wolf Parade, Surf City sound like the funnest guys to ever come out of New Zealand (yes, that includes Peter Jackson).

Enjoy the mp3s below and be sure to check out their MySpace as well.

Surf City – Records Of A Flagpole Skater

Surf City – Free The City


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