Bodega + Saucony

What do you do if you’re a brand that’s gathered a little rust over the years?  What do you do if you’re looking for a shot in the arm from young, plugged-in hipster types?  How do you recapture the glory days you once enjoyed?  Maybe you too should do a limited-edition run of sneakers/jackets/hats/you-name-it to play on the sense of nostalgia that’s de rigueur in the streetwear world nowadays.

Forgive us for being a little jaded about this whole collaboration concept.  Our disillusionment makes it a lot harder to enjoy projects that actually turn out really well.  Case in point: Bodeda and Saucony.  Two great companies coming together to create something badass.

From the guys at Bodega:

Working alongside legendary American footwear manufacturer Saucony (established in 1898), Bodega proudly presents a collection of trainers and apparel inspired by early 90’s crosscountry running. Revamping the classic Courageous runner model, we’ve created an updated classic crafted with materials including reflective 3M and ballistic nylon contrasted with premium leathers. Inspired by regional high school uniforms, the shoes combine modern technology with three colorways that transition from morning to night reflecting the never ending training regimen of long distance runners. Along with the sneakers retailing for $125 USD, Bodega offers a set of matching apparel (Jacket $85/Cap $35) scheduled to launch Saturday November 8th, 2008 11:00am at Bodega and will be offered as a package for $225 USD while supplies last






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