TAB the Band

I love bands that don’t take themselves too seriously.  Case in point: TAB the Band.  If videos are supposed to double as viral videos nowadays, this one, for “Where She Was On Monday,” should be well on its way to viral stardom.  Oh, and the song’s not bad either.

TAB the Band MySpace

Via Subterranean



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5 responses to “TAB the Band

  1. Kallipolis

    Ok hold on a second. Did you just really say the music wasnt half bad. Im pretty sure ive heard a retarded cat sound better than this 70’s rip off band.

  2. If you look back at my post, you’ll notice that I compliment the video as a ready-made promotional vehicle and I say that this single SONG isn’t half bad. I never made any claims about the rest of their music or the stuff on their Myspace (which sounds completely different than this song). That being said, I agree that they’re pretty derivative but ultimately harmless. Also, would you expect anything else when two thirds of the band are offspring of Joe Perry?

  3. Kallipolis

    Joe Perry, i am pretty sure Joe Perry touched his kids in their special place. I will admit though this was an interesting take on making a music video.

  4. E. Rasmus

    hmmmm can you say what would happen if the Monkeys made nasty sex with the Beach Boys…

    Personally I think this guy wants his jizzum back…

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