New Killers Track + Album Artwork

For those of you who happened to catch SNL over the weekend one of the highlights, besides the VP debate and Mary Poppins sketches, was the debut of some new songs from the Killers.  In addition to the synth-tastic single, Human, the band debuted Spaceman aaaaaand needless to say it rocked.  AND rolled.

Anyway, we’ve been searching high and low to find video from the SNL performance, but this version from a fan club show will have to do for the time being.  Anyone with a higher quality version please feel free to send it our way and enjoy the audio rip from SNL.  Also, that’s the new album cover up there.  I think my grandma has that same painting hanging above her lime green sofa.

The Killers – Spaceman



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7 responses to “New Killers Track + Album Artwork

  1. Danny

    You know its going to be a good album when they name their songs “Spaceman” and “Human”

  2. You get full credit for ‘synthtastic’ btw

  3. Kallipolis

    Any word if they are releasing extra songs on itunes or a European release cd.

  4. No solid word yet but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. The Killers always seem to have a lot of extras and Flowers told Rolling Stone that they recorded extra tracks when they made Sawdust. If you look back since Sam’s Town came out they’ve released a fair amount of material in the meantime but it’s been pretty bad (i.e. “Shadowplay” cover, that Santa’s sleigh song and that shitty thing they did with Lou Reed). So I don’t know if I’d be too excited for anything that surfaces.

  5. Kallipolis

    They may have had some really bad stuff come out but your skipping over what they did with sawdust. While some of the mixes are not my favorite they are at least willing to have things done with their tracks that others would avoid.

  6. E. Rasmus

    Adam Corolla ranked “Ruby, don’t take your love to town”- by Kenny Rogers as the 9th worst song of all time…

    Interestingly enough he ranked “Ruby, don’t take your love to town”- cover by the Killers, on Sawdust, at the 8th worst song of all time…

    Lets hope the Killers stick with their Springsteinesque Epic Rock Anthems from now on…

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