French Kicks, Covers EP + MP3

Purveyors of pop, crafters of classics and now owners of oldies, the French Kicks are back again with a treat for all music fans in their Covers EP.  Chosen from some of their longtime favorites, this four song set takes the French Kicks formula of scruffy, off kilter, but impeccable, pop and breathes new life into classics from The Ramones, The Shirelles and others.

From the band’s website:

So we recorded some covers for fun a few weeks ago and we thought you might get a kick out of them. We’ve always loved the Beach Boys Party record, where the Beach Boys went into a studio room with some friends and played really loose and live, mainly cover songs, and then put it out. We don’t have any friends, in this case, but otherwise the spirit is similar. Everything is live, and many songs we figured out how to play on the spot just before we recorded them. Anyway we had a good time doing it and we thought you might enjoy it also.

Enjoy the sample below and be sure to download the entire thing here.

French Kicks – Trouble


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One response to “French Kicks, Covers EP + MP3

  1. Danny

    Is this the sign of the end for “The French Kicks”

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