The Wrestler + Mickey Rourke

Okay, I’m officially putting this on the top of my must-see list for the fall, or at the very least, the top of my movies-I-didn’t-get-around-to-seeing-but-I’m-going-to-read-about-a-lot-and-pretend-I-saw list.  The blogosphere is officially buzzing about “The Wrestler” which just got picked up for distribution by Fox Searchlight after winning the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival and packing the house at the Toronto International Film Festival.  People are already calling it the next “Juno” (spoiler alert: Mickey Rourke gets super preggers in this movie).

From the brief clips in this AP story, Mickey Rourke looks to be sensational as a has-been wrestler trying to pick up the pieces of his drug-addled, dead-beat-dad life and come to terms with an uncertain future.  He’s already causing Oscar talk and we can see why. No word yet on an exact release date but December is looking likely.  Oh, also, Marisa Tomei plays a stripper and gets naked!  Finally, redemption for that Philip Seymour Hoffman sex scene in “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”



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4 responses to “The Wrestler + Mickey Rourke

  1. Just passing by, I found this blog. I am impressed.

  2. Thanks for the compliment. Glad you like it!

  3. E. Rasmus

    A. Marissa Tomei was way hot in Devil

    B. Not as hot as Hoffman’s erogionous drug dealer.

  4. i was wondering what happened to Mickey Rourke, then there he was at the Golden Globes

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