Great Lost Bands: The Nerves

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!  The Nerves were an L.A. band and only together for about 5 minutes in the late 70s before splitting up.  They only managed to release a single EP in that time, but what an impact those four songs had (one of them being “Hanging On The Telephone,” later covered by a some group called Blondie). Two of the band members later went on to form The Plimsouls (thanks Wikipedia!) and pen the 80s classic “A Million Miles Away.”

The greatest mp3 site in the world for rare and vintage punk, KBD, has the entire EP up for download right now and we recommend you grab it and do yourself a favor for the long weekend.  Definitely recommended for fans of The Beatles, The Strokes, The Muslims and many others.

The Nerves – Hanging On The Telephone

The Nerves – When You Find Out


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