New Kings Of Leon, “Crawl”

So we just got our SPIN newsletter in the old inbox and the subject line said “New Kings Of Leon Track.”  Meh, we thought, it’s probably a b-side or some shitty live version of an old song.  But upon closer inspection, what did our eyes see?  This is a legitimately new track?  AND Kings Of Leon have a new album coming out on September 23rd?  Man, when did this happen?  Didn’t they just come out with their last album like 5 minutes ago?  So many questions.  And then we realized that we probably didn’t hear about this sooner because Pitchfork’s news hopper gets crowded by more important things like the newest Deerhoof side project or if Bradford Cox sneezed.  Gauntlet thrown, Pitchfork.  Your move.

Also, your friends here at Commotion were nice enough to give away their personal email info to SPIN and RCA so that you could painlessly download this thing from us.  We’ll probably get sued back to oblivion for it but, hey.  Good times!  Just don’t say we never did anything for you.  As far as the song itself goes, it sounds grunge-y and wouldn’t have been out of place on “Because Of The Times.” 

Kings Of Leon – Crawl

Announcement via SPIN


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