T Magazine + Short Films

Being a real journalist must be weeeeeird.  If you’re Lynn Hirschberg you get to ask famous people all sorts of questions that would probably get a humble blogger like yours truly — or anyone else — punched in the babymaker.  Ever wonder if James Franco is going to have a bar mitzvah in his thirties?  Perhaps you’d like to hear Rogen’s thoughts on why men bother to put on jeans and brush their teeth?  T Magazine, the design and style book from the New York Times, has released a series of short films and interviews with the likes of the aforementioned Pineapple Express stars along with Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks and George Clooney among others.

Check them out here.

*** You may be asking yourself why there wasn’t a carefully framed, tasteful, thoughtful picture to go along with this post and why you’re staring at the blank, boring, text heavy thing in front of you.  Well, we’re experiencing some technical difficulties right now, so please bear with us ***


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  1. That James Franco! Can he possibly get any better lookin’ than he already is?!?? What a charming guy!

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