A-Trak and Nike Team for Original Run Mix

Kanye’s favorite Canadian DJ, A-Trak, has joined the ranks of LCD Soundsystem and Aesop Rock to create a mix for Nike’s Original Run campaign.  The 45 minute mix, dubbed Running Man, will not only be the DJ’s first full-length production but will also provide his first official single with the release of “Say Whoa.”  I guess you might call this project his DJ Premiere. Cue the crickets.

A-Trak had this to say:

I don’t really run. Yet when Nike asked me to do this track I was smitten. There was a musical challenge there, and I got excited. I’ve been producing mostly uptempo electro tracks as of late, but my background is hip-hop and I think you can hear it in my choice of sounds. I wanted this record to showcase my current style, but I also didn’t want to stray away from hip-hop completely. That’s why you find guest rap verses in the mix, plenty of chopped & screwed vocals, and a hefty dose of drums breaks that are surely more block party than Ibiza.

Running Man comes out exclusively on iTunes June 24.

*** Update.  Download an audio sample of the mix here ***


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