Jonah Hill Leads ’21 Jump Street’ Adaptation

Apparently saying “This plan’s been fucked since Jump Street” in one of your movies is enough to earn you these kinds of things.  Set to write and produce the adaptation is our main man, Jonah Hill.  Write AND produce.  That’s an A-list kind of leap if we’ve ever heard of one.  Still not feeling confident about the guy?  Check this quote from an interview with MTV:

“It’s going to have some of the funniest people around in it, and it’s going to be really funny, I hope,” he said. “Or we won’t make it! If it doesn’t turn out funny, I promise you, we will not make it.”

See, anytime a guy uses the word ‘funny’ approximately 12 times in two sentences you know it’s going to be just that.  Actually, in all seriousness, I really hope this one turns out well and have faith in Hill’s ability and supporting cast to pull this off in a cool, original way.  Apparently Hill turned down a co-starring spot alongside the LaBeouf in the Transformers sequel to do this so let’s wish him the best.

More info at The Playlist


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