DIY Barack Obama Poster

Okay, so after the huge response that Shepard Fairey got for his Progress and Hope posters he thought that he’d pass the power to the people. Now you can make them for yourself, PDF style. Just download here. Be sure to plaster these everywhere you can since the campaign needs us more than ever.

Barack Obama website



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3 responses to “DIY Barack Obama Poster

  1. If you squint, he kind of looks like the Phantom of the Opera…

  2. rashmanly

    Very cool website,
    keep up the great work!
    Professional clean design.

    Rash Manly

    The Barack Obama Song!

    Sung to the tune of
    “That’s Entertainment!”

    Tax –
    We just can’t pay enough
    And the facts –
    We don’t hear for the fluff
    Just relax –
    Give the poor all your stuff!

    That’s Barack – tainment!

    Cash –
    Uncle Sam wants it all
    Hear the crash –
    As the stock market falls
    In a flash –
    Your tax bill will grow tall!

    That’s Barack – tainment!

    Lazy bums
    Will leave you crumbs
    So we all have the same,

    It’s only fair
    That we all share
    What work made you gain,
    If you complain
    You’re insane,

    Give all to the needy –
    Or are you just greedy!

    Poor –
    We must all be that way
    To have more –
    Is a sin so they say
    Just ignore –
    The Constitution and pray,

    You still have a job,
    To pay lazy slobs

    That’s Barack – tainment!

    Written by Rash Manly

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