Weekend Box Office – Forgotten Sarah Marshall

Upon reading this weekend’s box office results, I think I speak for everyone when I say “Whaaaaa????????”

I realize that Forgetting Sarah Marshall had a few things working against it (R rated, little to no star power) but really?  The Forbidden F&%^ing Kingdom?  Jackie Chan in dread locks?  That’s what America wants to see???  I’m befuddled right now.  I’d slap my forehead in frustration except that I’m already on the floor from fainting in surprise/disappointment in the American movie-going public.

Oh well, I still say congratulations to Jason Segal and crew, $17.3 mil is still very respectable and probably ensures that they’ll cover production costs and, more importantly, get to make another movie.



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2 responses to “Weekend Box Office – Forgotten Sarah Marshall

  1. Thank you very much for your help, this has been a great rest from the books,

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