Cut Copy – In Ghost Colours, mp3

Okay — this record’s been getting leaked bit by bit for a while now and now that it’s finally out, I feel like aside from one obvious case, it hasn’t been mentioned at all. So here I am, imploring all of you to download this record now. And, yes, I know that if you do so it will probably be illegal so be sure to catch them live to make up for it and maybe buy a t-shirt while you’re there.

Believe me, this is one of the few records that’s actually worth it. Sure, some might consider it kind-of-gay-80s-dance music, but those are the same people who probably still drink Mountain Dew out of a can. Anyway, it’s one of the strongest records of the year so far, without a weak spot on it (maybe that’s because the tracks run together like a mix). You’re welcome.

Cut Copy – Far Away mp3

Cut Copy myspace

Bonus video after the jump!


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