Arizona Fans, Meet Brandon Jennings

When you’re from Tucson, cheering for Lute Olson and the Arizona Wildcats is part of your identity.  And, to be frank, the last few years have resulted in an identity crisis.  We haven’t been to a Final Four since 2001, the Pac 10 has slipped from our perpetual dominance and then-your-coach-leaves-unexpectedly-and-files-for-divorce-from-his-wife-and-holds-the-program-hostage-and-names-a-guy-who-probably-wasn’t-ready-to-step-in-under-those-circumstances-and-the-team-barely-squeeks-into-the-tournament-only-to-get-bounced-in-the-first-round moments don’t make you feel proud. 

This, however, makes us swell with pride and gives us hope for the future of the program:


Yep.  Drink that in.  The High-Top Fade is back.




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2 responses to “Arizona Fans, Meet Brandon Jennings

  1. Mike Fantana

    If Tucson needed that so badly why didn’t they just go out and buy a copy of “2 Hype”?

    Don’t Act like play doesn’t need the money, I am pretty sure I saw him selling copies of the LA Times in the middle of Sepulveda Blvd last wednesday….

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