Ellen Page: Hot or Not

I hate to play fall into the snarky blogger routine, I really do.  I’d much rather write about things I like than spend my time belittling people, besides, It’s just a cliche at this point.  But the Ellen Page “Hot or Not” debate has been the unspoken cause of mental anguish and existential angst across this country for some time now.  I personally blame the housing crisis and impending recession on this silent killer.  So it’s with some trepidation that I stand before you, America, and vote “No.”  I can’t bite my tongue any longer.  Here’s exhibit 2, 598,777 of why the Internet is a cruel place: 


Joey Ramone’s haircut on the prettiest boy scout.  Top that zinger, Perez Hilton! 




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2 responses to “Ellen Page: Hot or Not

  1. She is absolutely magnificent! Wow, what more can you say?

  2. luU

    es la mujer más hermosa que he visto ,(por t.v.),
    y muy buena actriz…………..

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