Linsday Lohan: Good Naked or Bad Naked?


By now we’ve all seen the pics and come to some sort of decision about them.  I, for one, was disappointed.  Well, maybe disappointed isn’t the right word.  More like indifferent or apathetic.  Uninspired.

It’s not that Lohan doesn’t look good, photographer Bert Stern does a fantastic job with the dressing and treatment of the original photos.  It’s just that I feel like we’ve seen this before, even though we really haven’t.

Lohan has been such a fixture on the pop culture and gossip rag scene for so long that it already FEELS like we’ve seen her naked before.  I mean, we’ve seen her go to rehab, get out, party with Italian dudes, and grow up in front of our eyes since her days as a Disney kid.  We’ve experienced things with her that are far more intimate or at least emotionally equivalent to seeing her nude.  This just seems anticlimactic.  Now, Hayden Panettiere on the other hand…


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One response to “Linsday Lohan: Good Naked or Bad Naked?

  1. emma

    she doesnt look good.. trying to be hot like Marilyn Monroe didn’t work for her. the short blonde hair is a no on lindsay…she needs to stop trying so hard

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