The Gentlemanifesto

Funny thing, starting a blog.  One day you realize that this whole Internet thing might be around for a while and that all of a sudden your day job isn’t what you hoped it would be and that, worst of all, it’s exactly what you suspected it might be all along.  

So here you find yourself.  Striving for more.  Living for something that’s just out of reach.  Something that you’ve been aiming for this whole time but maybe couldn’t describe or maybe it was just a little blurry around the edges but you think you want to take that first step now.  Let your heart guide your feet and make your way headfirst into the fog that may or may not hold that thing you’ve unknowingly been striving for since day one.  

At least this is what happened to me, and I suspect you’ve probably felt this way too.

A PR schill realizes that he doesn’t give a flying fuck about his clients and that if anyone deserves press it should be those companies, bands, movies and whatever the hell else it is that a discriminating, but broke, gentleman-in-training such as himself — and those in situations similar to him — deems worthy. 

And here we find ourselves — thanks for stopping by, by the way — men who are probably in their twenties.  Love girls, good food and drink, have an ear for music and an ability to put together what can actually be considered a thoughtful wardrobe.  Younger men of taste and sophistication who haven’t climbed the ladder to the point that they’ve forgotten that the best times are the ones spent drinking $2 PBRs and who aren’t quite cynical enough to feel bad over a weekend spent consuming red meat and cheez.  Men who have trouble being anything but themselves.  

These are the men who make a Commotion.  


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